Curious Minds Collective

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve our cyber security. One solution I have found is to share knowledge. But how could this be achieved?

Create a community now? Should I try to pass on my experience? Or maybe start a blog? Or a YouTube channel? Or a podcast? Or should I write a book? Or should I start a course? Or should I organize a conference? Or should I create a website? Or am I developing an application? Or should I write a software?

Too many questions, right? I was the same with this. But then I realized that I can do all these things. And you don’t need all of them at once.

Curious Minds Collective is a side project for now. We already have a website. Our YouTube channel. And a book is also being prepared. What we publish on the website, as soon as we manage to write something meaningful.

We create content primarily for individuals and small communities. Therefore, you will not find more detailed information on this topic on this site. But if you’re interested, check out Curious Minds Collective.

Or find us. See the Pricing page.