Everything starts with a conversation. I am open to discussing your needs and how I can help you. I am not a fan of fixed prices, but I understand that you need to know what to expect. Here are some examples of how we could work together.

Preferred cooperation through B2B contract. All prices are in euros, without VAT, but I accept other currencies based on agreement.

Want to know more? Schedule time with me

Hourly consultation:

80 euros for every started hour. The first hour is free. In this call, we should talk about how we could help each other. The second hour can be free in exchange for recommendations.

Training, coaching, and short-term sessions:

650 euros for a day. Let’s talk about what you need to improve. One of my favorite topics is security first business development, just for food for thought.

Non-exclusive contracts:

2500 euros per month. Max 3 companies or organizations. I can join your communication channels, and we can discuss what we should do to be more successful. You pay for my attention, not for doing to-dos. For that, you may need an exclusive contract.

Exclusive long-term contract:

1 months65006500~31039
3 months195006500~31039
6 months375006250~30037
12 months750006250~30037

Long-term employment:

It is negotiable, but the price calculation would be different, and it would probably be much more expensive. (For both of us)