Digital door passkeys

When I was trying to find a solution that aligned even slightly with my vision for this site, I stumbled upon Doks and one of their showcases,

Much of what I have to say is related to our identity, especially how we struggle to cope with our emerging multiple personalities in the digital world.

One possible solution is to think differently about the digital world. It really is another world, where every digital gadget is a little window we can look through.

Using passwords is like shouting our personal details to a blind security guard on the other side of the window while anyone could be standing behind us. Sounds like a silly solution, doesn’t it?

Instead, what if we use doors? (Lockable doors didn’t evolve for no reason.) Every device would be a digital door. Everyone would have their own set of keys to these doors. Using the right key, we could enter the correct door into the correct room. Sounds better, right?

What stops us from implementing this? In a world where everyone just sells windows, it’s hard to teach people how to make doors. But perhaps the team at could be instrumental in operationalizing this manufacturing process.